Monday, August 22, 2011

Advice For My Brother

A monumental event has occurred. My little brother is officially a college student! He moved in to the K-State dorms this weekend and ever since, I have been re-living MY Freshman year (via some MAJOR stalking of his Facebook page.) :)

The thing about having a brother who is 10 years my junior is that every time he does something momentous (like go to college), it reminds me of how long ago those events were in my own life. I know I say it over and over again, but time has seemingly FLOWN by since my own move in to this glorious building.

Ahh yes, Ellsworth Hall: my first of many homes away from home.

This is me ten years ago during move-in day at KU.

When I look at this picture, I am amazed how much has changed since then! And I wondered what advice to give to my brother to prepare him for such an amazing period of his life.

Sure, I have been handing Brennan bits and pieces of my infinite wealth of knowledge when I can. For example:

"Don't wait until after classes start to buy your books or you will get way behind on your reading."
"If you and your roommate both loft your beds, you will have WAY more space in your room."
"Don't buy the 21-meal plan unless you really think you will eat in the cafeteria for every single meal of every single day." (The KBSI refrigerator full of leftovers is ALWAYS an option if he gets hungry.)

But all that is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Now, I know Brennan and I are not going to have the exact same college experience. For one thing, he's a GUY. For another, he is at a completely different university. (One that is, well, really close to home).

But here's what freaks me out. Ten years ago at this time, I was:
-Realizing the amazing and scary feeling of being (almost) completely independent and on my own.
-Making awesome new friends and realizing how much my "old" friends meant to me at the same time.

-Unknowingly (at the time) meeting the love of my life.
-Finding out that studying in high school and studying in college were two entirely different concepts. (And subsequently emailing my high school English teacher to thank her for preparing me to write for college so well.)
-Realizing that my metabolism was no longer made of steel.
-Realizing that I still needed my mom and dad to take care of me when I got sick after spending a week at home with mono.

It is crazy to think that Brennan will be experiencing some of these things in the next few days, weeks and months! (Hopefully, he will avoid mono!)

After all of this reminiscing, I came to one conclusion. The best advice I think I can give right now, is for him to recognize that this is a momentous time of change in his life and embrace it!

I can't wait to see what lessons he takes away from college, and the person he is 10 years from now!

And now, I will leave you will a couple other 10 year old moving day photos. :) Thanks dad!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow!! I can't believe he is going to be a freshman in college! Time has FLOWN by!! What great memories! Love the photos!! We're getting so old!!

Miss you,

Jaime said...

I really wasn't getting how long ago it was (since you still look the same!) until I saw the picture of little teeny tiny Brennan! How cute! Great post!!