Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Found One!

I am really excited to announce that we are under contract on a house!! After searching and searching through a sea of suburban houses in south Aurora, they all just started blending together. There were major disappointments with all of them, mostly due to the fact that the lot sizes are SO small. What do people do with their pets when they move on to a like that?!? We were also having doubts about if we were really ready for that particular lifestyle.
So on Monday, we focused our search to an older neighborhood in the actual city and county of Denver. This area is in a good central location for both of our jobs and is much more accessible to the highways. It's still moderately suburban but it reminds me a little of Roeland Park, where we lived in Kansas City. HUGE trees, older houses and best of all, no HOA's and WAY lower taxes. It's a little funny, because we had originally skipped over this house when we saw it online based on the fact that it is a ranch style house (we wanted a two-story) and because the outside is pretty funny looking. But I guess we re-learned our "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover" lesson. It's a good thing we have an awesome realtor who put the house on the list for us. The whole house has been remodeled and the floor plan is not like your typical ranch. Added bonus: the hot tub is included and it's been well maintained like the rest of the house! :)
Anyway, we decided to put an offer in that same evening and had a response by Tuesday afternoon! The seller acctepted our price offer, but wanted to push back the closing date. *Insert a bit of drama and a really long, dull story here.* If you recall my first blog entry about our move to Colorado, it just wouldn't be right for us to BUY a house without some drama if we could barely manage to rent one. :)
So, as of yesterday morning we are under contract! Hopefully the rest of the process goes smoothly. But if not, at least it will make for some good blogs!

Monday, April 12, 2010

House Hunting, Abbreviated

Question: How do you pick ONE?!? There are so many to choose from!