Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One More Thing

I figure it's about time that I catch all of you up on the lives of the Colorado Millards. We have been very very busy (i know, always the same excuse!) with the move to our new house and various other committments. I think I am almost ready to take some house photos, as we are unpacked enough that I can show it without there being boxes everywhere! That will most likely be my task for the weekend.

On Sunday evening, Matt and I returned from a fabulous weekend in Kansas City. It was not nearly a long enough time to spend there! Our main purpose for the trip was for a Walter family reunion. We stayed down on the KC plaza and did totally relaxing things such as swim, eat and hold lots and lots of babies! I was so happy to meet all of my cousins' children and catch up with everyone. Grandma Helen even flew all the way from Grand Rapids to join us.

Of course we got to catch up with Matt's family too. It always seems like there is never enough time to go around between everyone when we get back to Kansas. I am always surprised at how many things are still the same since we left, and also how many things have changed at the same time.

One of the very major changes to face was the death of my friend and former co-worker, Ryan Goddard. He passed away from a year long battle with cancer on August 2nd, at the age of 29. His death really hit me hard. It is never an easy thing to lose a friend or family member. I think losing Ryan was especially hard though, because he and I were at similar places in our lives. We were close in age, and he and his wife had barely been married two years at the time of his death. Not to mention the fact that we worked long hours in the secure room at Western Air Maps and when you work that close to someone for so long, you just really get to know every side of them. When you are young (and old, I suppose!) you like to feel like you are invincible. I think Ryan's death really taught me not to take anything for granted, because death can happen at any age.

My friend Tazz and I were talking on the phone about something we could do to show our support for Ryan and his family. I think we came up with the perfect solution.

We are going to run a marathon in order to fundraise for the Goddard family, since the hospital bills from Ryan's battle with cancer are so overwhelming. A few people have asked if I wanted to run marathons in the past, and I have always declined. Too time consuming. Too daunting of a task. You want me to run HOW many miles!?! The thing is, I have major inspiration to do this now. Ryan faught cancer with everything he had, even though it was very time consuming, no doubt a daunting task, and no end in sight. I am doing this for Ryan and his family, and also to keep myself healthy. Oh, and Matt is going to do it with me! Between Matt and my Western Air Maps co-workers, we will have a great team of runners for Ryan.
We still have a few details to work out. Mainly, to pick a marathon to run in! But in the mean time, I have registered Matt and I for the Denver half marathon in October for practice. I am so excited!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mid Week Fun

Just a little video to lighten up your week. We are in process of trying to make plans for Labor Day weekend this year, and it made me think of our labor day last year. Here is a clip!

BTW, this is Matt :)

Here are the pictures:

That little Chunk (Perdi) wanted to say hello to our friend the Marmot!

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Hopefully there will be more soon!