Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Disbelief

I am not a parent, but I do hope to have kids someday. Sometimes, it seems like this is just too harsh of a world to brave raising children in. This morning, I read my cousin Abbe's blog and have spent the rest of the morning in sheer disbelief that something so horrible could happen, and hit so close to home. Though I am not super close to Abbe and Adam, I do know that they are a couple of the most devoted parents around. I know this because Abbe's blog is "brutually honest," which is something I really appreciate and have a hard time incorporating into my own blogs. Words can't describe the pain I feel for their sweet family.
I wanted to pass along the Dolls' story. Please read Abbe's blog "Breaking the Silence."
I have it linked in my blog reel as well. You will be sad, you will be will probably go through quite a few emotions like I did. But please...all you parents (or future parents) out there: remember this story and talk with your children. It's never too early!